INDIA, ASSAM: Pramatta Simha Silver octagonal Rupee, dated S.1662, FORGERY


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Obverse Four-line Devanagari legend: Sri Sri Swarga / Deva Pramatta / Simha Nripasya / Sake 1662, lion left below
Reverse Four-line Devanagari legend: Sri Sri Hara / Gauri Charana / Kamala Madhu / Karasya
Date Saka 1662 = 1740 CE
Weight 9.01 gm.
Diameter 22 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference MNI 2474 var, KM 122
Comments The Assam coinage is unique with its octagonal coins, now copied in modern India.

I feel this coin is a forgery, intended to deceive. The surface shows some evidence of casting bubbles. Also, the weight is too low for a rupee. The execution is very good, and some might deem this genuine, but I think it is false and offer it here for those who might be interested in such things.
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