INDIA, WESTERN KSHATRAPAS: Damajadasri II (232-233 CE) Silver drachm, year S. 154. SCARCE+CHOICE!


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Obverse Head of king right, blundered Greek legend around, date behind head
Reverse Crescented three-arched hill (chaitya), river below, crescent moon at left, sun at right, Brahmi legend around (at 12:30, clockwise): Rajno Mahakshatrapasa Rudrasenaputrasa Rajnah Kshatrapasa Damajadasriyah
Date S. 154 = 232 CE
Weight 2.35 gm.
Diameter 15-16 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Senior 348.1
Comments The coins of Damajadsri II carry only two dates (S. 154 and 155), so his reign must have lasted only a few months. This would account for the scarcity of his coins. This coin has a beautiful portrait: a CHOICE specimen!

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