INDIA, Paramaras of Malwa: Jaya Varma II (c. 1255-74) Silver or Billon drachm. RARE and CHOICE!


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Obverse Goddess Lakshmi seated facing
Reverse Three-line Devanagari legend: Sri Ja / ya Vamma / Deva
Date c. 1255-1274
Weight 2.01 gm.
Diameter 11 mm.
Die axis 2 o'clock
Reference Deyell 166
Comments The Paramaras of Malwa were feudatories of the Pratiharas and Rashtrakutas in the ninth and tenth centuries, eventually achieving their independence late in the tenth century. Their independence lasted into the 13th century, when they were temporarily subjugated by Iltutmish, the Muslim Sultan of Delhi, in 1233. By 1235, the Paramaras had regained their independence, but there followed an unsettled period during which they were in constant battle with the Delhi Sultanate in the north and the Yadavas in the south. Eventually, Mohammed Khalji, the Delhi Sultan, annexed Malwa for good in 1305.
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