Attica, Athens AR Silver Tetradrachm - Egyptian mint - See notes


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Attica, Athens Tetradrachm
Size: 24mm Weight: 16.19 grams
Obverse: Head of Athena facing right
Reverse: Owl standing right, single prong tail, olive branch and crescent above right

Egyptian 4th-century. The broader reverse die (so that little of the flan's edge shows) is characteristic. Very close in style to obverse dies, in dozens of die links, in the Fayum Hoard, Univ. of Michigan, to my mind certainly of Egyptian origin (unpublished but I have studied the whole of it). The obverse is also close in style to the Copenhagen example of the "Artaxerxes Pharaoh" tetradrachm of Athenian types, obviously Egyptian 4th-century.

Vast numbers of these tetradrachms have turned up in Egypt. If I recall the Fayum hoard ran to about 350 pieces, of which a few were originally Athenian. The Tel El-Maskhouta hoard ran to ca. 10,000, of exactly the same material.
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