Item #20106 SASANIAN KINGS of PERSIA. Ardashir III. 628-630 AD. AR Drachm, AYR (Susa) mint. Dated year 2 (629 AD), Göbl II/1 (G. 226); Alram 925. Good VF, SCARCE


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Ruler's name & His Reign: Ardeshir III (AD 628-630) (Artashir III)
Mint: AYR (Susa) dated AD 629
Metal & Denomination: Silver AR drachm
34 x 32 mm.
 3.99 gr.
Obverse: Crowned and cuirassed bust right, ribbon over right shoulder; crescent and ribbon over left, star behind crown, star in crescent before
Fire altar with attendants and ribbon, star and crescent flanking flames, regnal year to left, mint signature to right.
Reference: GOBL: SC II/1 (G. 226), Alram 925, 
Historical Notes:  After the death of Kavadh II, the Wuzurgan elected Ardashir as his successor, who was only a 7-year-old boy. In reality, however, he exercised little power and his empire was controlled by his vizierMah-Adhur Gushnasp, whose duty was to protect the empire until Ardashir became old enough to rule. The Iranian historian al-Tabari says the following thing about Mah-Adhur Gushnasp's administration of the Empire; "Mah-Adhur Gushnasp carried on the administration of the kingdom in [such] an excellent fashion, [and with such] firm conduct, [that] no one would have been aware of Ardashir III's youthfulness."

During the same period, a brother of Mah-Adhur Gushnasp named Narsi, was granted with Kaskar as a part of his domains. However, even under a strong vizier, things were still looking grim in Iran; Factionalism had greatly increased among the Iranians, and several powerful factions which had emerged during the reign of Ardashir's grandfather Khosrau II, had gained firm control of important parts of Iran, while the Sasanian state was less-centralized than it had been under Ardashir's predecessors.

One year later, Shahrbaraz with a force of 6,000 men marched towards Ctesiphon and besieged the city. Shahrbaraz, however, was unable to capture the city, and then made an alliance with Piruz Khosrow, the leader of the Parsig (Persian) faction, and the previous minister of the Empire during the reign of Ardashir's father. Shahrbaraz also made an alliance with Namdar Jushnas, the spahbedof Nimruz. With the aid of these two powerful figures, Shahrbaraz captured Ctesiphon and executed Ardashir III, along with Mah-Adhur Gushnasp himself, including other promient Sasanian nobles. Shahrbaraz then ascended the Sasanian throne. According to Islamic sources, Ardashir was buried at an unknown place in Meshan. (taken from

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