Numismatic Chronicle 2003 by Royal Numismatic Society RNS


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Royal Numismatic Society, London, 2003. xviii, 446 pages, 52 photographic plates. Red cloth, very fine as new condition.

Some of the articles included:

Opuscula Anatolica II by Ashton, Richard ; Kinns, Philip.
New acquisitions at the British Museum : additions to Price, Alexander, and to the 1870 Larnaca hoard by Arena, Valentina.
An unpublished tetradrachm issued by the artists of Dionysos by Lorber, Catharine C ; Hoover, Oliver D.
A survey of late hoards of Indian punch-marked coins by Errington, Elizabeth.
Worn sestertii in Roman Britain and the Longhorsley hoard by Abdy, Richard Anthony
Some new coin types of Carausius and Allectus and the history of the British provinces, AD 286-296 by Lyne, Malcolm.
The coinage of Vetranio : imperial representation and the memory of Constantine the Great by Dearn, Alan
Byzantine folles countermarked with Heraclian monograms found in Cyprus by Economides, Kyriacos N.
Byzantine, Islamic, and Crusader coins from Saranda Kolones, Paphos by Metcalf, D. M. (David Michael)
The Geashill hoard of Anglo-Viking coins by Stewart, Ian ; Lyon, C. S. S. (Colin Stewart Sinclair) ; Sharp, Michael B.
Between centralisation and fragmentation : Silesian mints and coinage in the fifteenth century by Paszkiewicz, Borys
Qarakhanid coins of Tirmidh and Balkh as a historical source : new numismatic data on the history of the Qarakhanid dominions of Tirmidh and Balkh by Fedorov, Michael
A dirham hoard from the time of the Mintash revolt by Korn, Lorenz.
The Yuan Shih-k'ai dollar (Y. 329) : a review by Wright, R. N. J.

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