SASANIAN KINGS. Varahran II & Family. 267-293 AD. AR Drachm . Lovely strike. Rare this nice.


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PCW-S1183-SASANIAN KINGS. Varahran II & Family. 267-293 AD. AR Drachm (4.16 gm; 27 mm). Jugate busts of Vahram, wearing winged crown with korymbos, and his queen, wearing kolah with boar’s head, right, vis-a-vis bust of Prince 4, wearing kolah with eagle’s head, left; monogram behind shoulder of Bahram / Fire altar; flanked by two attendants, the left wearing winged crown, the other wearing mural crown, both with korymbos; < to left of flames. SNS type VI/1 var. ; Göbl type VII/2a; Saeedi 166 corr. (rev. type); Sunrise 786 var.  Lovely strike on a nice full flan. Couple of minor chipping (hardly visible). Choice Superb EF. Lightly toned. Rare this nice. 
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