BRITISH INDIA, George VI Silver 1/2 rupee, Calcutta mint, 1939. SUPERB, almost UNCIRCULATED.


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Obverse Crowned head of king left, legend around: George VI King Emperor, all within raised, toothed rim.
Reverse Legend Half Rupee India 1939 plus denomination in Persian, within central circle, surrounded by a scrollwork decorative border, all within raised, toothed rim.
Date 1939
Weight 5.82 gm.
Diameter 24 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference KM 549, Pridmore 364, Stevens 9.46
The coin has a straight-grained reeded edge. SUPERB, almost uncirculated condition, with plenty of mint luster.
From the collection of Alan DeShazo, the noted numismatist and author of several papers on Islamic coins.
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