INDIA, VIJAYANAGAR, Krishna Devaraya (Krishnadevaraya): AE 5 jitals. RARE!


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Obverse Garuda kneeling left with hands folded in worship, chakra (discus) above left and sankh (conch)above right
Reverse Three-line Devanagari legend: Sri Pra / ta pa Kri shna / ra ya.
Date 1509-1529
Weight 15.07 gm.
Diameter 21 mm.
Die axis 3 o'clock
Reference MNI 905, MSI 645-652
Krishna Devaraya raised the Vijayanagar empire to its greatest height, expanding north at the expense of the Sultanates, east into Kalinga and south into the peninsula. This coin features the figure of Garuḍa very similar to images seen on pillars in the Krishna Temple in Hampi (see photo below), which Krishna Devaraya built. The two images are clearly iconographically identical, with the winged Garuḍa depicted wearing a tall crown in a kneeling position with hands folded in a prayerful namaskār. They also date from the same time period; the connection between them is therefore unmistakable. We know that the primary gold type of Kṛṣṇadevarāya featured the image of Bālakṛṣṇa. So we have a coinage where the base metal copper coins depict the “servant” while the precious metal gold coins feature the principal deity. This contrasts somewhat with the coinage of the early kings, where the copper coinage had the deity and the gold coinage featured the king!
Note the very clear eagle's beak visible on Garuḍa's face. The coin is approximately 5mm thick. A CHOICE example of a RARE coin!
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