unattributed Venetian grosso - 1300s? - Christ enthroned


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Note that Venice fought against Genoa in various wars / skirmishes during: 1261-1270, 1294-1299, 1351-1355, 1378-1381.  In 1381 the Peace of Turin was signed and Venice regain Mediterrean supremacy.

Silver coins were often clipped in medieval times and this one has been clipped to the point where I am not able to attribute it to specific doge
These thin silver coins of Venice particularly fascinate me due to their place in history.  The Byzantine Empire was clearly troubled on many fronts and Venice was stepping up as the leading maritime power in the Christian world.  The grosso was introduced in 1192 AD and was quickly accepted (and copied) throughou the Mediterranean.  Bulgaria, Serbia, other Medieval states copied the coin.
The grosso held amazing uniformity for hundreds of years with the obverse depicting Christ enthoned nd the reverse depicting the doge of Venice standing next to St. Mark. 
A fascinating coin that is contemporary with the Byzantine Empire.

19mm, 1.65 grams
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