Silver Stater from Thebes - 363 BC EX HIRSCH 1965


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A silver stater from Thebes, Boeotia, circa 363 - 338 BC.

The obverse with the iconic Boeotian shield.

The reverse with a volute krater, a large vase used for diluting wine. The legend bearing the magistrate's name, reading:




In the 4th century Thebes became the greatest power in all of Greece, evidenced by her enormous output of silver staters.

For the obverse design of their coinage the Thebans chose to show the region's famous armour, the Boeotian shield. The shield is often associated in art of the period with the heroes of Greek myth and came to represent both strength and piety.

Weight: 12.35 g

Diameter: 22.35 mm


Gerhard Hirsch, auction 45, Munich, 9th December 1965, lot 1606.

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