Allen: Celtic Coins in the British Museum. Volume III. The Bronze Coins of Gaul


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CATALOGUE OF THE CELTIC COINS IN THE BRITISH MUSEUM. WITH SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL FROM OTHER BRITISH COLLECTIONS. Volume III. The Bronze Coins of Gaul by D. ALLEN, edited by Melinda Mays, British Museum, London, 1995, 106 pages, 38 plates, blue cloth, dust jacket. New. This third volume of the Catalogue of Celtic Coins in the British Museum is concerned with the struck and cast ('potin') bronze coinage of Gaul. The earliest coins are likely to have been issued in the late second or early first century BC, and the latest circulation continued into the first century AD. The introduction discusses coin production, function, metrology and denominations, chronology and contexts, distribution and attribution, and provides a detailed commentary on the catalogue. Over 1,000 coins from the British Museum and other British collections are listed, and most are illustrated. No comprehensive survey of all known potin types has hitherto been published, and this extensive catalogue will therefore provide and essential point of reference for the publication of future finds.
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