A. Plautius AR Denarius, First Judea Capta coin, BACCHIVS IVDAEVS, Fine, 55 B.C.E.

Ancient Coins - A. Plautius AR Denarius, First Judea Capta coin, "BACCHIVS IVDAEVS", Fine, 55 B.C.E.
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Sydenham 932. Crawford 431/1, RSC Plautia 13, Hendin 1443, Fine, obverse bankers mark, brushed and coated with a wax or shellac, 17.7mm, 3.32 grams


Obverse: Turreted head of Cybele right, surrounded by inscription, A. PLAVTIVS AED. CVR S.C behind  

Reverse: Bacchius presumed to be Aristobulus kneels right, camel at side, extending olive branch, IVDAEVS on right, BACCHIVS in exergue


Bacchius is unknown to history but the most likely explanation offered for the meaning of the coin is that it is a Roman Judaea submission type. The coin was struck at the time of the defeat of Aristobulus AND includes the caption IVDAEVS (partially on the flan). Evidently it refers to the submission of Aristobulus the High Priest to Pompey. There is also a similar denarius (although much more common) of the ally of Aristobulus depicting him in submission as well and clearly naming him ARETAS, thus making this attribution for Aristobulus pretty airtight. See Hendin's GBC page 404.


Not great but a decent and very affordable example of an important historic coin!

Ex: Nussbaum Collection, NY. Purchased October 1983
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