Constantine I SAPIENTIA PRINCIPIS from Rome

Ancient Coins - Constantine I SAPIENTIA PRINCIPIS from Rome
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Constantine I

A.D. 313 

14x15mm   1.6gm 

quarter follis 

IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG; bare head right. 

SAPIENTIA PRINCIPIS [Wisdom of the Prince] Altar with owl, spear across altar, shield to left and helmet to right. 

in ex. RS   

RIC VII Rome 16  




In A.D. 313, a set of three fractional coins was issued from Rome and Trier for both Constantine and Licinius. These small coins were probably distributed to the citizens as part of the Imperial largesse. A few things may have possibly been referenced by these coins, but they obviously commemorated peace in the Empire. This time of peace was the culmination of many events—Constantine defeated Maxentius, Licinius defeated Maximinus, Constantine’s sister married Licinius and cemented peace between the two rulers, and in A.D. 313, Constantine and Licinius signed the Edict of Milan. 



The owl had long been a symbol of wisdom through association with Minerva; but the owl was also a symbol of good luck. According to Zosimus, before Constantine fought Maxentius, “an infinite number of owls flew down and covered the wall.” Of course, the owls were bad luck for Maxentius! 

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