The Treaty of Karlowitz, 1699.

World Coins - The Treaty of Karlowitz, 1699.
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The Treaty of Karlowitz, 1699, Silver Medal by G Hautsch, bust of Leopold I "The Hogmouth" right, LEOPOLDO M. PACATORI ORBIS TERRARVM, rev. Victory standing, at dawn, with laurel wreath and a bust of Janus, god of transition and new beginnings, PORRECTA MAIESTAS AD ORTVM SOLIS, in exergue, ARMISTIT. CVM TURC 1699, on edge, AVREA CONDIT SECVLA, 35mm (Julius 395; Pax in Nummis 391). Good extremely fine with rich iridescent tone, rare.
The treaty marked the end of the Great Turkish War/Austro-Ottoman War which had started in 1683. 
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