Edward VII 1902 proof set Sovereign to Maundy Penny, NGC graded, no box

World Coins - Edward VII 1902 proof set Sovereign to Maundy Penny, NGC graded, no box
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Edward VII (1901-10), Matt Proof two gold and nine silver coin Set, 1902, Coronation year, gold Sovereign and Half-Sovereign, silver Crown, Halfcrown, Florin, Shilling, Sixpence and Maundy Set (S.PS10). Toned practically as struck, all have been graded and slabbed by NGC but no longer with original box, grades from PF60-64 as detailed below.
NGC certifications all with matte designation:
Sovereign PF60, Certification 4333379-005.
Half-Sovereign PF61, Certification 4333379-007.
Crown PF64, Certification 4333379-010.
Halfcrown PF62, Certification 4333380-001.
Florin PF62, Certification 4333380-003.
Shilling PF62, Certification 4333380-006.
Sixpence PF62, Certification 4333380-007.
Maundy Fourpence PF62, Certification 4333380-010.
Maundy Threepence PF62, Certification 4333380-011.
Maundy Twopence PF62, Certification 4333380-015.
Maundy Penny PF62, Certification 4333380-013.
These "short gold" proof sets were produced to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII on the 9th August 1902 (having been postponed from 26th June due to the King's appendicitis), with a mintage of 7,057 sets, which is over 1,000 less than the full "long" gold matt proof set. This year is the only time a matt finish set has been produced thus far for a Coronation. 
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