Commonwealth 1654 gold Unite, 4 over 3 and G over reversed D

World Coins - Commonwealth 1654 gold Unite, 4 over 3 and G over reversed D
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Commonwealth (1649-60), gold Unite of Twenty Shillings, 1654, date with 4 struck over 3, English shield within laurel and palm branch, legends in English language, initial mark sun, .THE. COMMONWEALTH. OF. ENGLAND., the letter G struck over a retrograde D, rev. English and Irish shields, value .XX. above, beaded circle and legend surrounding, date at top, legend surrounding, .GOD. WITH. VS., weight 9.01g (cf.Schneider 342; N.2715; S.3208). Lightly toned, a little uneven in shape a few light marks and some light raised die flaws on reverse, otherwise good very fine and very rare indeed.
All gold coins of this period are struck in 22 carat gold and are the first British coins to have legends in plain English. In our experience for every 25 gold Unites of the Commonwealth you see for sale, only 2 will be of the date 1654. To find the variety with the overdate and the retrograde D in legend is perhaps an even greater ratio of rarity.

Ex St James Auction 7, 8th February 2008, lot 170.
Ex Dr Paul Broughton Collection, Spink Coin Auction 235, 22nd March 2016, lot 470.
Ex CNG Review, Summer 2016, item 431570.
Ex Jonathan P Rosen Collection, CNG, Triton XXI, 9th January 2018, lot 1465. 
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