JUDAEA, Bar Kokhba Revolt. AR Zuz, 132-135 CE. Undated (Attributed to year 3 - 134/5 CE)

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JUDAEA, Bar Kokhba Revolt. AR Zuz, 132-135 CE. Undated (Attributed to year 3 - 134/5 CE), 2.94g (18mm, 3h). "Shim'on'" (in Hebrew) within wreath / Two trumpets upward; "For the Freedom of Jerusalem" (in Hebrew) around

Pedigree: From the Italo Vecchi Collection

References: Mildenberg 67 (O14/R39); Meshorer 376b (same dies as illustration); Hendin 1417; Shoshana I 20379 (same dies)

Grade: Very little wear, but some weakness on obverse strike. Reverse die flaw on r. trumpet. EF+

Price: $2,850


The Bar Kokhba revolt was the second major Jewish uprising recorded in Roman/Jewish history. Note that some call it the third revolt as they include the Kitos War (115-117 CE) as part of the series of conflicts. The First Revolt took place during the reign of Vespasian (66-73 CE) and resulted in the destruction of the Temple. The spoils from this conflict were brought back to Rome and help pay for the construction of the Colosseum. The Bar Kokhba revolt occurred from 132-135 CE and was led by Simon Bar Kokbha. The tensions had already increased after the First Revolt due to an increased Roman presence in Judaea. Additional tension was created by the construction of a new city, Aelia Capitolina, over the ruins of Jerusalem and a temple to the god Jupiter where once the Temple Mount, the holiest of holy houses stood for the Jewish people. The end of the revolt created the ultimate disconnection of the Jewish people from their once homeland and all Jews were barred from entering Jerusalem.

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