Tetricus II as Augustus Antoninianus - extremely rare

Ancient Coins - Tetricus II as Augustus Antoninianus - extremely rare
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Tetricus II as Augustus Antoninianus, local imitation,

Obverse: [... TETRICV]S AVG, radiate and draped bust right.

Reverse: [ CONCORDIA ] AV [G ], Concordia standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae.

1,94 g, 16 mm.

Extremely Rare

It is uncertain, whether Tetricus II ever got the "Augustus" title. The Oxford specimen (AGK 19) with obverse legend IMP C P� ES TETRICVS C AVG, and Spes Reverse turned out to be a 19th century fake, based on a Claudius II Antoninianus� according to Marcus Weder (M�nzen und M�nzst�tten der Gallisch-R�mischen Kaiser teil II). So there are no official specimens known so far.

This Coin is similar to the specimen, sold by CNG Mail Bid Sale 76, Lot 1615, for 440 USD, excluding fees.

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