Commodus Sestertius - HERC COMMODIANO - Very Rare - RIC 581

Ancient Coins - Commodus Sestertius - HERC COMMODIANO - Very Rare - RIC 581
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Commodus Sestertius, struck 191 AD at Rome mint.
Obverse: M COMMOD ANT P FELIX AVG BRIT P P, laureate bust right.
Reverse: HERC COMMODIANO P M TR P XVI COS VI / S C over altar, Commodus as Hercules standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae (!), small altar at feet with Club of Hercules leaning against it, tree of the Hesperides on the left from which hangs lion's skin.
19,93 g, 27 mm.
RIC 581, BMCRE 669

Very Rare coin with highly interesting reverse. The depiction of Hercules holding cornucopiae is very unusual. It is assumed that this is connected with the resolution of a grain shortage months before. Commodus solved the problem by raising a new African grain fleet.
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