Special offer: Ancient Coin Cleaning Kit, with Method for Cleaning Ancient Coins.

Ancient Coins - Special offer: Ancient Coin Cleaning Kit, with "Method for Cleaning Ancient Coins".
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Ancient Coin Cleaning Kit Special Offer.

Including my free cleaning and conservation manual, with the proper use for each item carefully detailed.
Please click HERE to download my Method for Cleaning Ancient Coins manual with detailed instructions
and a lot of information about bronze coins. You may download the manual for free, even if you are not purchasing the kit.
When you purchase the kit and/or download the manual, please keep in mind that you are agreeing to read the disclaimer and warnings therein.

Contents of the Cleaning Kit:
3 Highest quality, extremely fine-grit diamond dust pins:
Two extremely-fine(1 straight tip, 1 round tip), and 1 pointy tip fine extremely-fine Plus +).
1 Double sided pin vise.
1 Tungsten carbide extremely sharp pen.
1 Brass brush.
2 Two gel finger protectors.
4 Non-latex non-powdered black gloves.
Most pins in the market are NOT fit for coin cleaning, as they are very coarse (despite having yellow bands and being described as "very fine"), and will damage the metal and the patina. Pin vise model might vary. They are double ended, but only one end fits the pins. 

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