SUPER SHARP Diamond Coated Pin Professional Tool for Cleaning & Restoring Roman & Greek Coins

Ancient Coins - SUPER SHARP Diamond Coated Pin Professional Tool for Cleaning & Restoring Roman & Greek Coins
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PRICE IS FOR 1 PIN ONLY- YOU WILL NEED TO OBTAIN THE PIN VICE SEPARATELY (This is the tool in which the pin is inserted).



This blue portion is specifically for the SUPER SHARP Point pin in this listing. The paragraph below applies to all of the diamond pins that we sell in our store. Have you ever tried to clean the extremely small detail on a coin? Often times the tool you are using simply is not fine enough to fit into the devices of letters, hair, folds of drapery and the like. If you've ever tried using sewing needles, you may have had limited success but found that they bend very easily and dull quickly. What you have found here is a solution to these problems, a pin hard enough to not bend and will never dull! This SUPER SHARP pin is coated with the same super fine grit diamond that our original pin is coated with (which we've sold hundreds of and which every single buyer has been very pleased by). The yellow band on the collar always means super fine grit, the finest that can be obtained. What makes this pin different is that the point is so incredibly sharp that one can use it clean the finest of detail! If you look at the images briefly, you can see that the point is small enough to easily fit between the fine hairs on President Roosevelt's head (coin is obviously not included, nor is it in need of any cleaning)! Our original pin is a tiny .5mm at the point, small enough for most work and general usage. This pin takes it to whole new level; this pin is only .2mm at the point, which is (in general) smaller than the crevice of any detail on any coins you'd ever want to clean. With this tool you can remove that dirt and bring a crispness to your coins not possible before. ONE SHOULD OBVIOUSLY USE MAGNIFICATION every time they use this tool. You should also never point this pin directly at the coin as it will absolutely cut into the coin and leave a very bad scratch. Because of the extremely fine point on this particular pin one will need to replace it more frequently than our other pins; there simply is less area for the diamond to bind to at this extremely small point and thus it will wear away quicker. The metal beneath is still more useful than a sewing needle, so even if you don't replace it right away it will still be somewhat usable.


If you clean ancient coins as a hobby (or even professionally), then you've found the perfect tool! These pins are perfect for removing the dirt and grime from your coin. If used properly, one can remove the dirt from the fields as well as the devices of the coin without doing any significant damage to the patina! How is this possible? The reason why this tool is so safe is because the grit of diamond on this tool is so fine that any scratches done by the diamond are so small that it would take an incredibly high powered microscope to see them. Using the fine point at the end, one can quickly and fully remove the dirt from the lettering and details of the coin. While it may take a few rounds, eventually all of the dirt will be removed from the coin. It is recommended highly that one use a hands free magnification (such as a jewelers loupe) as well as a bright light to see clearly what they are doing. While this pin is great for everyone from the first timers to the most well seasoned pro, it is recommended that you experiment on uglier and worthless coins before tackling the more beautiful specimens (this is true of any cleaning method). This pin is intended for use on bronze and brass coins only. It CAN be used on silver and silvered coins, but it will scratch the silver, so it should only be used to fleck debris away rather than as surface cleaner. It is also not recommended to use on hard encrustations as it will reduce the effectiveness of the pin much quicker. I make no guarantees as to the results you will have on your coins.


This listing is for the pin only. These pins measure 23mm long (.906 inches) and 1.6mm wide. It cannot be used functionally by the unaided human hand. One will need to either have or obtain a pin vice to insert the pin into, which will serve as the tool with which to hold while using the pin.


These pins are sold as-is with the only warranty being that the pin will be as pictured and will be of high quality. They are manufactured to the HIGHEST degree of quality . With that being said, through normal use, eventually the diamond coating will wear out and the pin will need to be replaced (and you can obtain them here). Giving you an estimate as to the lifespan of the pins is not possible due to varying frequency and intensity of use, but you can expect to clean many coins without needing to replace it. Even after the diamond coating is gone, the pin can be used to flick away dirt and clean devices, though with much reduced effectiveness. It is normal for the tip of the pin to wear out first, while the diamond further down the shaft will remain intact. One can use the diamond on the shaft to grind the dirt on the edge of the coin after the tip has been used, but the tip will lose much of its effectiveness and you'll need to obtain a replacement.



Ancient Coins - SUPER SHARP Diamond Coated Pin Professional Tool for Cleaning & Restoring Roman & Greek Coins
Ancient Coins - SUPER SHARP Diamond Coated Pin Professional Tool for Cleaning & Restoring Roman & Greek Coins
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