Safety / Blunt Diamond Coated Pin + Double Ended Vice For Cleaning & Restoring Coins

Ancient Coins - Safety / Blunt Diamond Coated Pin + Double Ended Vice For Cleaning & Restoring Coins
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PRICE IS FOR 1 PIN AND 1 Pin Vice. I have pre-installed the pin into the vice for convenience.
The entire line of cleaning pins can be found in our store



This blue portion is specifically for the Blunt Point pin in this listing. The paragraph below applies to all of the diamond pins that we sell in our store. This blunt point pin is coated with the same super fine grit diamond that our original pin is coated with (which we've sold hundreds of and which every single buyer has been very pleased by). The yellow band on the collar always means super fine grit, the finest that can be obtained. What makes this pin different is that it can be used with less skilled hands because the point is duller than the original. In addition to this, since the diamond coating extends down the shaft of the pin further and because it is wider, one can use this parallel to the surface of the coin to clean the fields with a great degree of efficiency. As long as the pin is parallel with the surface of the coin, one can use this to fleck and push the dirt very hard if needed. If one attempts this maneuver, one must be very careful not to let the pin slip and scratch the coin. The point on this pin is still quite sharp, so one should NEVER use them pointed directly at the coin (think how one would hold a pen to a piece of paper, that's the WRONG way to use these).

If you've been cleaning artifacts and coins and you've come across some very hard encrustations, you've found the perfect tool for dealing with it! Unlike the other pin tool we sell (which has a fine grit, and is great for all-purpose removal of dirt and grime) this pin tool has a much coarser grain of diamond. The action of the pin is thus much more abrasive. What this equates to is a tool that can be used to grind away hard encrustations, corrosion and deposits from the coin! If used properly, one can grind the corrosion / encrustation down to the surface or near to the surface of the coin or artifact. One can accomplish this by using small circular motions, working parallel with the surface (using the side of the pin, not the point). I absolutely recommend doing so under magnification so as to avoid scratching other areas of the coin. I must give you a word of caution about this pin. Unlike the other one I sell, which is fairly safe on most patinas with gentle pressure, this one will wreck the patina and scratch the coin if you are not careful. The extra-coarse grit is meant for heavy encrustations, not for general dirt. I do not recommend this pin to beginners, and I suggest that even a seasoned pro should practice using this before working on good material. This pin is intended for use on bronze and brass coins only. I do not recommend using this on silver coins because it is can very very easily scratch them. I make no guarantees as to the results you will have on your coins.

This listing is for the pin and a double ended pin vice (which is necessary to hold the pin). These pins measure 23mm long (.906 inches) and 1.6mm wide. The vice is about 4 inches long.

These pins are sold as-is with the only warranty being that the pin will be as pictured and will be of high quality. They are manufactured to the HIGHEST degree of quality. With that being said, through normal use, eventually the diamond coating will wear out and the pin will need to be replaced (and you can obtain them here). Giving you an estimate as to the lifespan of the pins is not possible due to varying frequency and intensity of use, but you can expect to clean many coins without needing to replace it. Even after the diamond coating is gone, the pin can be used to flick away dirt and clean devices, though with much reduced effectiveness. It is normal for the tip of the pin to wear out first, while the diamond further down the shaft will remain intact One can use the diamond on the shaft to grind the dirt on the edge of the coin after the tip has been used, but the tip will lose much of its effectiveness and you'll need to obtain a replacement.

Ancient Coins - Safety / Blunt Diamond Coated Pin + Double Ended Vice For Cleaning & Restoring Coins
Ancient Coins - Safety / Blunt Diamond Coated Pin + Double Ended Vice For Cleaning & Restoring Coins
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