Constantine I The Great Two Victories, Captives Bound in Exergue Lyons RIC 79

Ancient Coins - Constantine I The Great "Two Victories, Captives Bound in Exergue" Lyons RIC 79
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Constantine I The Great. Lugdunum (Lyons) Mint 320 AD. Obverse: CONS-TANTINVS AVG Bust of Constantine I, wearing high crested helmet, cuirassed, right. Reverse: VICTORIAE LAET PRINC PERP Two Victories, winged, draped, facing each other, holding a shield inscribed VOT/PR supported by an altar; P-L flanking two bound captives back-to-back in exergue. References: RIC 79. Size: 18mm, 3.19g. Professional Numismatic Notes: VF
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