Calabria Tarentum AR Nomos Warrior Horse & Boy Phalanthos on Dolphin, Prow nEF

Ancient Coins - Calabria Tarentum AR Nomos "Warrior Horse & Boy Phalanthos on Dolphin, Prow" nEF
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Calabria, Tarentum AR nomos. Circa 290-281 BC. Obverse: Warrior, holding shield and two spears, preparing to cast a third, on horseback right; Sigma-A below. Reverse: Boy Phalanthos, holding distaff, on dolphin left; below, prow left. References: Fischer-Bossert Group 80, 1125 (V416/R867), Vlasto 585, HN Italy 934. Size: 21mm, 8.23g. Numismatic Notes: Nearly EF overall with a choice old-collection tone! Beautiful yellow and blue iridescence! Struck from dies of great artistic style, featuring the head of Phalanthos tiled upward rather than straight ahead; a scarce variant not mentioned in the reference work!
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