1 Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool for Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins

Ancient Coins - 1 Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool for Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins
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COINS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Price is for 1 Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil.

Safely and Quickly removes dirt and debris from coins!

The Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil
This is my personal favorite pencil of the set. Have you ever used a brass brush on your coins and found the results to be a bit too 'shinny' and parts of the patina missing? This can do the same work as a brass brush, without these issues, and do a better job! With small circular motions, one can remove large amounts of dirt from a coin with ease. This is also the best surface improvement tool I have ever seen. If you've ever been frustrated with fine dirt deposits on your coin that will not go away with regular brushing and soaking, you'll now gleefully remove it. This brush is quite sensitive to the patina, though with too much rubbing it can move some patina from the high points of your coin. One of the most spectacular features of this brush is that you can safely remove that sandy dirt from your silvered ancient coins and it will leave the silvering! You can even improve the appearance of toned silver with VERY gentle application of this brush! Unlike other brushes though, this brush will be 'used up' during normal cleaning. If you've ever used a fiber-glass pen, you'll know what I mean. However, this pencil is MUCH more effective and you won't have to worry about tiny pieces of glass getting embedded in your skin (OUCH!). I do still recommend using a damp paper towel with this for easy clean up. It is also recommended to not inhale the dust that comes from the coin when cleaning with this (the particles get so fine they become air-born). I recommend buffing the coin with a micro-fiber cloth or other soft towel after cleaning to remove all dirt and improve the appearance of the coin.
A note on sharpening- use a large hole pencil sharpener to remove the wood (the kit of 4 pencils I sell in another listing includes a pencil sharpener). Only remove enough to expose the fibers all the way around. If part of the wood is longer after turning in the sharpener, simply turn that portion in the sharpener to remove it (without turning the rest). Do NOT use sandpaper on this one.
I want it to be perfectly clear before you buy that due to the delicate way that these pencils are manufactured, the useful portion (the 'lead') of the Brush Pencils only extends about 1/4 of the way down the shaft from each direction. With proper sharpening techniques and careful use, these pencils can last through many cleanings. I just don't want anyone to be shocked when the pencil runs out much sooner than anticipated. As with all cleaning methods, it is recommended that you practice on culls/junk before using it on good coins.

These pencils are sold as-is with the only warranty being that the pencil will be roughly as pictured (the wood color varies by shades of brown and the tips vary by a slight degree) and will be of good quality. They are manufactured to the HIGHEST degree of quality. With that being said, through normal use, they will wear out and will need to be replaced (and you can obtain them here). Giving you an estimate as to the lifespan of the pencils is not possible due to varying frequency and intensity of use, but you can expect to clean many coins without needing to replace it. With that being said, with proper sharpening techniques and careful use, they should still last a while. Lighter cleaning jobs will make your pencils last longer, as will proper sharpening procedures. Pressing extra hard on the tip will cause it to wear much faster, so you should use harder tools on such encrustations.

Ancient Coins - 1 Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool for Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins
Ancient Coins - 1 Brush Magic Cleaning Pencil Tool for Restoring Ancient Roman & Greek Coins
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