Coin, France, 10 Centimes, 1970

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Coin, France, 10 Centimes, 1970
Coin, France, 10 Centimes, 1970Coin, France, 10 Centimes, 1970
  • Traceability and transparency
    This item comes from a professional numismatic expert (origin: Germany / 2021 / lot R 9429).
  • Conformity
    This item is certified authentic following the expertise of two recognized numismatic experts. Our team carries out nearly 100,000 numismatic expertises each year for private individuals, professionals and administrations. Our company was founded in 1977 and we are members of the main international numismatic organisations (ANS n°11680, ANA n°3175551, ANS, IBNS n°11418, PMG n°3721, PCGS n°1048758, NGC n°3721)
  • Proof of purchase
    This item will be supplied to you with a named and dated invoice, established by a professional seller (Siret: 41389368600019). To secure your numismatic purchases, always ask for an invoice and keep the document.
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