F/F Rare Haute et Moyenne Seine Potin / Severed Head

Ancient Coins - F/F Rare Haute et Moyenne Seine Potin / Severed Head
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Attribution: DLT 9180, Mon 447
Date: 60-40 BC
Obverse: Helmeted bust l.
Reverse: Boar l., Severed head below
Size: 16mm
Weight: 2.6 grams
Description: A decent example with a thick, heavy multi-colored patina. A very nice face on the severed head! A rare potin of the Celtic tribe living on the upper part of the Seine river. Very clear helmet and attractive reddish patina. This tribe is generally accepted as part of the Leuci tribe however they were very war-like substantiated by the severed head on the reverse of this coin. Typically their warriors kept the severed heads of their enemies about their saddle horns and their villages were "decorated" by piles of enemy skulls. Not exactly the perfect neighbors!
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