INDIA, PRATIHARAS: Vinayaka Pala dramma. Very Rare.

Ancient Coins - INDIA, PRATIHARAS: Vinayaka Pala dramma. Very Rare.
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Vinayakapala (c. 913-933 AD)
BI dramma (16 mm, 3.19 g)
Obverse: Boar-headed Varaha advancing right
Reverse: Nagari legend (Sri) Vi(na)/yaka(pa/la Deva)
Ref: MNI 349-351
Vinayaka was the grandson of the famous Bhoja I, the most powerful Indian ruler of his day.  It was the strong Pratihara cavalry that kept the Muslim invaders of Sind at bay.  So fearsome was the Pratihara reputation among Arabs that India was protected from Muslim invasion for over a century.
Vinayaka's coins are extremely hard to find.  Maheshwari records only 22 specimens in total (Imitations in Continuity, 2010).
Very Rare.
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