Item #1387, Abbasid AV al- Muqtadir (295-320 AH), Gold Dinar, Album #245.2, VERY RARE al-Karaj (کرج ) mint

World Coins -   Item #1387, Abbasid AV al- Muqtadir (295-320 AH), Gold Dinar, Album #245.2, VERY RARE al-Karaj (کرج ) mint
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Abbasid عباسیان
� al-Muqtadir� المقتدر

Reignal- Muqtadir (295-320 AH) (AD 908-932)�
DenominationGold Dinar
Date Struck3XX AH
Mintal-Karaj� (کرج ) now in Iran� VERY RARE mint
Obversequotation from the Quran around the margin and in the centre Muhammed al-Rasul-Allah with the name of the caliph
Reversemint and date around the double margin of the flan, in the centre the usual Islamic legend with the name of the heir abu'l-Abbas
ReferenceAlbum #245.2


Al-Muqtadir (Arabic: المقتدر ‎) (born 895 AD (282 AH), died 932 AD (320 AH)) was the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad from 908 AD to 932 AD (295 AH - 320 AH).

After the previous Caliph, al-Muktafi, was confined for several months to his sick-bed, intrigue was made for some time as to his successor. The choice was between al-Muktafi's minor brother whom the Caliph himself favored, and a descendant of al-Mu'tazz who was only thirteen at the time. The Vazir, hoping for more power, chose the minor. The boy assumed the title of al-Muqtadir, Mighty by the help of the Lord, a sad misnomer; for even in manhood he was but a weak hedonist in the hands of women of the Court, and of their favorites. His twenty-five years reign is the constant record of his thirteen Vazirs, one rising on the fall, or on the assassination, of another.

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