NEPAL: Licchavis, Pasupati (Narendradeva?) AE pana. SCARCE+CHOICE!

Ancient Coins - NEPAL: Licchavis, "Pasupati" (Narendradeva?) AE pana. SCARCE+CHOICE!
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Obverse Humped bull (Nandi) standing right, crescent above, dotted border around
Reverse Sun disc, surrounded by Nagari legend: Pa shu pa ti (Lord of animals, an epithet of Siva), dotted border around
Date c. 7th century
Weight 6.39 gm.
Diameter 15 mm.
Die axis n.a.
Reference MNI 202a, RGV 96
Rhodes, et. al., tentatively attribute the pasupati coins to Narendradeva, who ruled c. 641-80. 
A CHOICE example with a particularly nice obverse.
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