INDIA, MUGHAL, imitation Jahangir AR zodiac rupee, Aries, official restrike, SUPERB!

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Obverse Ram left, representing Aries, radiate sun behind, legend below with RY date 14
Reverse Legend, naming Jahangir, mint Agra, retrograde AH date 1031, additional regnal year ? date 28
Date c. 18th - 19th century
Weight 10.41 gm.
Diameter 23 mm.
Die axis 6 o'clock
Reference imitation of KM 150.1
The origin of Jahangir's zodiac series is known from his own entry in his memoir Tuzk-e-Jahangiri. Jahangir wrote:
Previously to this, the rule of the coinage was that on the face of the metal they stamped my name, and on the reverse the name of the place and the year of the reign. At this time it entered my mind that in place of the month they should substitute the figure of the constellation which belonged to that each month that was struck, the figure of the constellation was to be on one face, as if the sun was emerging from it.
The zodiac series was issued from several mints (with Agra being the primary), and was minted over three or four years. Each month was represented by an appropriate sign of the Zodiac, recording its particular month of issue.

Because many of these coins had been recalled and melted by Jahangir’s successor, Shah Jahan, original strikes  are very rare and are highly sought after.
In the 18th and 19th centuries imitation rupees such as this one were struck by the Mughal mints, perhaps because these coins were in much demand.
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