INDIA, KUSHAN: Huvishka AE tetradrachm, King on couch / Mithra, heavy weight type. SCARCE!

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Obverse King reclining on couch facing, whole body nimbate, left leg dangling down, Bactrian legend around: �aonano�ao oo...h�kε Ko�ano.
Reverse Solar deity Mithra standing left, nimbate and radiate, holding sword and conferring blessing, Legend at right: MIIPO, tamgha at left.
Date c. 150-191 CE
Weight 14.53 gm.
Diameter 24-25 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference G�bl 821, MAC 3228-29
Comments Huvishka's coppers come with three different obverses: the elephant-rider, the couch-recliner, and the cross-legged, and with numerous reverse deities.

This is an early type, of heavy weight and a fine style. Note that the tamgha is the Kanishka tamgha, not the Huvishka tamgha, indicating an issue very early in Huvishka's rule.
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