INDIA, HEPHTHALITES, Napki Malka Silver drachm with bull's head crown. CHOICE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, HEPHTHALITES, "Napki Malka" Silver drachm with bull's head crown. CHOICE!
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Obverse Bust of king right, wearing bull's head, winged crown, slightly blundered Pahlavi legend at right: napki malka
Reverse Fire altar, with armed attendants standing left and right, 6-spoked wheels above each attendant
Date c. 5th-6th century CE
Weight 2.69 gm.
Diameter 26 mm.
Die axis 3 o'clock
Reference G�bl Hunnen 198, MAC 1507-08
Comments Note the beautiful bull's head in the crown (looks more like a buffalo head to me!) and the elongated head typical of these Huns who practiced head binding.
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