Roman Imperial Coinage 1-10 Complete

Ancient Coins - Roman Imperial Coinage  1-10 Complete
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Roman Imperial Coinage, Spink London, 1926-1993, a complete set of the 10 volumes as published in 11 books. Volume 1 is the 1984 revised edition, Volumes 2, 3, 7, 9 are the 1990's reprints, Volume 4 is the current reprint of the original three parts in a single volume, Volume 5 is the 1998 reprint in two parts, Volume 6 is the current reprint, Volume 8 is the 1981 original, and Volume 10 1993.  All little used and Nearly New. Note:  Volume 2 is the original covering Vespasian to Hadrian. A revision breaking this period into two parts is in progress with Volume 2.1 (The Flavians) now available.  Volume 2.2 to complete the period is not yet published.  Most of the volumes are temporarily out of print, and probably not to be reprinted for a year at least.  A new set cannot be had from the publisher or from us at this time.  Shipping to Europe is $100.00
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