Dekesel, A Bibliography of 17th Century Numismatic Books Parts I-III

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Christian Dekesel,�2003, 3 volumes, xliv., 3190 pages, over 3000 facsimiles of title pages, thick quarto, red cloth, matching dust jackets. New. During the last forty years Christian E. Dekesel has not only identified, but also analysed page by page these 17th century publications, enabling him to expand the Lipsius bibliography to no less than 2825 items, many unknown to Lipsius and his predecessors.
The first part explains the research strategy and also contains a detailed geographical, chronological, and categorical analysis of all 17th century numismatic publications. An Addendum covering newly found 16th century numismatic publications is also included.
The second part consists of an alphabetical catalogue of all 17th century numismatic books which he has located and analysed, excluding all non-identifiable secondary references from other bibliographies. Each book has been the subject of a detailed bibliographic analysis, an �autopsy� as the author has termed it. No less than 3032 illustrations accompany the entries. Winner of the 2004 IAPN book prize.
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