Trajan Decius, AE26 of Rhesaena, Mesopotamia.

Ancient Coins - Trajan Decius, AE26 of Rhesaena, Mesopotamia.
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Trajan Decius, AE of Rhesaena, Mesopotamia.
Size:� 26.5mm� Weight:� 12.41 grams
Obverse:� AVT KAI G AI MECKV TRA DEKIOC CEB, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Reverse:� CEP KOL PHCAINHCIWN L III P, founder ploughing right with yoke
of cattle, eagle above standing left with closed wings, holding wreath in beak, two palm branches (often with wreath) in exergue.

BMC 15; Castelin Rhesaena 95; SNG Copenhagen 250

Thanks to Dane Kurth for this attribution.
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