Plautilla. AD 202 to 205. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Plautilla.  AD 202 to 205.  Silver denarius.
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Plautilla was the wife of Caracalla, married to him in AD 202 when he was only 14, and divorced from him in AD 205.  She was allowed to live in banishment for 6 more years but he eventually had here killed in AD 211.

Denomination : Silver denarius.  Mint : Rome.

Date : issued of AD 204.

Reference : Sear-7074

Size : 17.8 x 20.1 mm.  Weight : 3.34 grams.

Grade : aVF with some roughness, lightly toned.

Obverse : Head of Plautilla right, with PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA around.

Reverse : Venus standing left, holding an apple, leaning on a shield, with a cupid at her feet, with VENVS VICTRIX around.
When you consider the meaning of this coin is roughly "love will win out" and how much Caracalla appears to have hated her, it is a very ironic coin.

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