Pertinax, AD 193. Silver denarius.

Ancient Coins - Pertinax, AD 193. Silver denarius.
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Denomination : Silver denarius.

Mint : The mint of this issue is in question.  Some specimens of this type were struck from dies engraved by the same hand that struck the Alexandrian tetradrachms of this era, and are assumed to be Alexandrian mint denarii.  However many of the coins appear to be engraved by the engravers that worked at the mint of Rome in that era. To my eye this specimen is of Rome mint style, but it is not absolutely clear if it is from Rome or Alexandrian mint.

Date : January to March of AD 193.

Reference : Sear-6045

Size : 17.7 x 18.9 mm. Weight : 3.25 grams.

Grade :  VF but with two major flan cracks (the coin is solid and not in any danger of breaking).  The portrait style is very good.

Obverse : Head of Pertinax right, with IMP CAES P HELV PERTIN AVG around (much of the inscription is not struck up).

Reverse : Ops seated left, resting back, and holding corn ears, with OPT DIVIN TR P COS II around (about 1/3 of the inscription is not struck up).

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