Nerva, AD 96 TO 98. AE Sestertius.

Ancient Coins - Nerva, AD 96 TO 98.  AE Sestertius.
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Denomination : Bronze sestertius.  Mint : Rome.

Date : issue of January to September of AD 97.

Reference : Sear 3050.

Size : 33.5 x 34.4 mm.  Weight : 24.17 grams.

Grade : about VG / Fair.  A very worn coin, but it has an attractive mid to dark green patina.

Obverse : Head of Nerva right, with IMP NERVA CAES AVG P M TR P II COS III P P around.  The inscription is actually a little easier to read on the image, than it is on the actual coin.

Reverse : Libertas standing left, holing a pileus and sceptre, with LIBERTAS PVBLICA around and S C flanking. Only fragements of the reverse are visible.

I don't normally both with coins of this quality, but it came to me with a collection and just wanted to see if I could get an image of it (it presented some image challanges) and once I had the image I thought I might as well post it for sale.

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