Judaea, Bar Cochba war, year-2

Ancient Coins - Judaea, Bar Cochba war, year-2
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Judaea, Bar Cochba war (Second Revolt).

Denomination : AE 25

Date : year-2 (AD 133)

Reference : Meshorer 42 variety.  Sear GIC-5682

Size : 24.0 x 25.5 mm. Weight : 10.45 grams.

Grade : VF some pafts of the inscription off the flan.  The patination is dark brown with very pale green high lighting.  The dark brown patination is probably original but as far as I now all coins of this type with this type of pale green high lighting have had the high lighting added artificially.

Obverse : Vine-leaf with a Hebrew inscription that translates to "YEAR 2 OF THE FREEDOM OF ISRAEL".

Reverse : Palm tree with a Hebrew inscription translating to "SHIM'ON" across the trunk.

This coin appears to have been struck with the same obverse and reverse die pair as the specimen illustrated in Sear's Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values (GIC) page 558, #5682. It is interesting that the flan shape and reverse centering are almost identical with that specimen although they have slightly different weak areas.  On this specimen the top of the palm is strong but the edge at about 8 oclock is weak, while on the Sear specimen the top of the palm is weak and edge at 8 oclock is not.  The obverse centering is signficantly different on the two specimens.

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