Cilicia, Aigeai. 1st century BC. Silver drachm (RARE TYPE).

Ancient Coins - Cilicia, Aigeai.  1st century BC.  Silver drachm (RARE TYPE).
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Denomination : Silver tetradrachm

Reference : Arnold-Biucchi-51 to 61.

Size : 25.3 x 26.4 mm. Weight : 14.43 grams.

Grade : gVF

Obverse : Head of  Tyche right.

Reverse : Athena standing left holding a small figure of Nike who is presenting her with a wreath, with a spear and shield behind her, a D I and a club below her arm, and the inscription AIGEAIWN to the right.  The date code IE for year 15 of the Caesarean era (33/32 BC) is below Athena, and there is a D slightly to the right.

Until a recent small hoard, there was very few known coins of this type (probably less than 10) known, most of which were in major museum collections.  Once this hoard is sold out (which it almost is now) this type will again by almost impossible to find.

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