Barbarous imitation of a Commodus/Hadrian/Domitian denarius.

Ancient Coins - Barbarous imitation of a Commodus/Hadrian/Domitian denarius.
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The coin is so barbarous in it's die engraving that there is little possibility it could have passed as official and circulated freely under Roman Rule.  Most likely it is part of a coinage intended for local use in tribal regions outside of Roman rule.

Denomination : Silver denarius.

Mint : Unknown but probably from the Northern frontiers of the Roman Empire.  It was certainly not struck at an official Roman mint. 

Date : After AD 177 and probably early 3rd century BC.

Reference : none.

Size : 17.0 x 17.8 mm. Weight : 3.03 grams.

Grade : VF with an interesting crude barbarous style.

Obverse : Head of Commodus right, with IMP L AVR COMMODVS AVG around. 

This inscription is copied from the inscription IMP L AVREL COMMODVS AVG GERM SARM inscriptions used by Commodus as Augustus with Marcus Aurelius between AD 177 and 180, but has been truncated.

Reverse : The reverse is very complicated and appears to be a composite of designs and inscriptions taken from more than one coin.  The central design is a figure walking right wearing a crested helmet, holding a transverse spear behind, and an uncertain rod like object in front.  I suspect it is Virtus and the rod like figure is a parazonium, as a transverse spear is commonly associated with Virtus.  The most likely prototype for this design can be found on coins of Hadrian, although on silver he would normally show Virtus seated.  On sestertii one sees a similar pose for Virtus, but standing left, on Sear -3652 which is the closest prototype I have found.   The reverse inscription is clearly  influenced by the Minerva coinage of Domitian, but Minerva would not be shown holding a clearly transverse spear.

The reverse inscription appears to read IM IIII COS VIII TR POTESTAS.   The COS VIII is very clear and Domitian ever reached that high a Consulship number.  The inscription is not derived from any single Domitian inscription but the TR POTESTAS ending would appear to be influenced by Domtian's RIC-66, which reads IMP VIIII COS XI CENSORIA POTESTAT P P.

This is by far one of the most interesting Barbarous imitation denarii I have come across.

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