Tacitus Silvered Antoninianus.Clementia standing left leaning on column.EF.BEAUTIFUL!!

Ancient Coins - Tacitus Silvered Antoninianus.Clementia standing left leaning on column.EF.BEAUTIFUL!!
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Tacitus Silvered Antoninianus. IMP C M CL TACITVS AVG, radiate head right / CLEMENTIA TEMP, Clementia standing left with scepter, leaning on column, XXIZ in ex. RIC 84, Cohen 16. S3301
 EF with virtually intact silvering and beautiful!!!!.
Tacitus (275-276 AD) was a 75 year old senator when the Senate elected him emperor. He defeated the Goths in Asia Minor, but age caught up with him soon afterward and he died, leaving us a relatively limited number of coins of his reign.

In Roman mythology, Clementia was the goddess of forgiveness and mercy. She was deified as a celebrated virtue of Julius Caesar, who was famed for his forbearance. In 44 BC, a temple was consecrated to her by the Roman Senate. Within this temple stood a cult statute of Caesar and Clementia clasping hands. There was head wear to express Clementia, a crown made of oak leaves, which Caesar is frequently imaged as wearing. Caesar was considered to have this virtue. In a letter to his friend Atticus, Cicero is discussing Caesar's Clementia: "You will say they are frightened. I dare say they are, but Ill be bound they're more frightened of Pompey than of Caesar. They are delighted with his artful clemency and fear the other's wrath." Again in For Deistarus Cicero discusses Caesar's virtue of Clementia. "Yes, you, Gaius Caesar, are the only conqueror in 34 whose hour of triumph none save combatants have fallen. We, free men born in freedom's fairest clime, so far from finding you a tyrant, have seen in you a leader of unbounded mercy in the day of victory. There is not much information surrounding Clementia's cult; it would seem that she was merely an abstraction of a particular virtue, one that was revered in conjunction with revering Caesar and the Roman state. Clementia was seen as a good trait within a leader,it also the Latin word for "humanity or forbearance". This is opposed to Saevitia which was savagery and bloodshed. Yet, she was the Roman counterpart of Eleos the Greek goddess of mercy and forgiveness who had a shrine in Athens. In traditional imagery, she is depicted holding a branch and a scepter, and may be leaning on a column.
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