Marc Antony Legionary Denarius.Leg.II

Ancient Coins - Marc Antony Legionary Denarius.Leg.II
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Marc Antony Legionary Denarius. 32-31 BC. ANT AVG III VIR R P C, Praetorian galley / LEG II, eagle between standards. RSC 27, Cr544\14, Syd 1216. (3.6g )

Marc Antony, born in 83 BC, was Julius Caesar's closest associate, helping him conquer Gaul, and then avenging his death by defeating Brutus and the other assassins at the Battle of Philipi. He formed the Second Triumvirate with Octavian and Lepidus, taking over the province of Asia, but he ultimately was defeated by his erstwhile brother-in-law at the battle of Actium in 30 BC and committed suicide with his girfriend Cleopatra.

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