Caracalla.AE 28.Pautalia.Temple seen in prospective, on tree steps .Threes, statues . . RRRR !!!

Ancient Coins - Caracalla.AE 28.Pautalia.Temple seen in prospective, on tree steps .Threes, statues . . RRRR !!!
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Caracalla, AD 198-217 AE 28, struck under hegemon Caecina Largus (198-210) obv. [AVT M] AVRHLIOC - ANTWNEINOC Bust, draped and cuirassed, seen from behind, laureate, r. rev. HGE KAIKINA LARGOV OVLPIAC in ex. PAVTALI / ACR. Tetrastyle temple seen in prospective, on tree steps containing mail figure stg.L; Statues of probably a Warrior stg. facing  on second step to L.holding spear,altar surmounted by animal on either side of the temple,, trees behind. PC,npublished,VF Varbanov 4972 .R8.RRRR and very interestiing.

Pautalia was a famous bath full of parks with temples and statues.
city of Pautalia (Kyustendil in Bulgaria) is located near thermal springs in the Strymon valley (Strouma), on a site occupied from the Iron Age onward by the Thracian tribe of Dentheletes. The temple of Asclepios and the walls of Pautalia, located on the hill of Hissarlaka, as well as the roman thermae in the center of modern Kyustendil are among the more important archaeological vestiges in the area.

Caracalla (ruled 188-217 AD) was the nickname of the Roman emperor who ruled as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus. Originally named Bassianus, he was born in Gaul, and was nicknamed Caracalla because he introduced into Roman fashion a long cloak or tunic from Gaul called the caracalla. When his father, Septimius Severus, died in 211, Caracalla became joint emperor with his younger brother, Publius Septimius Geta. In 212 Caracalla became sole emperor after murdering Geta in their mother's arms, and arranging the massacre of thousands of Geta's followers.

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