INDIA, DOGRA RAJAS OF KASHMIR: Ranbir Singh (1857-85) AE 1/2 paisa with Christogram JHS, Srinagar


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Obverse Persian legend, including leaf mark and Christogram JHS (only the very top is visible on flan)
Reverse Takari legend
Date c. 1870-84 CE
Weight 3.09 gm.
Dimensions 15 mm.
Die axis 9 o'clock
Reference KM Y18
Comments A very interesting coin, as it features the Christogram JHS, which stands for Jesus Hominum Salvatorum, Jesus, saviour of men. How this came to be on the coin is an interesting story. Apparently a Brahmin by the name of Anand in the Dogra court converted to Christianity and then persuaded the Raja to engrave these letters on his coins as a way to please the British and to bring good fortune to the king.
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