Justin II 565-578, Very uncommon Decanummium of Nikomedia


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2.61g, 12mm in diameter

Justinian I (527-565) issued this type from year 554 to 565 of his reign.  These included the regnal year (29 to 39).  This issue of Justin II can be identified by the use of the 'I' to the right. This signifies year 1.  From Sear 'Byzantine Coins and their Values', this coin is only known with this one regnal year.    This coin is not listed in Dumbarton Oaks or the British Museum Catalog.

Obv: Bust of Justin II right '[DN IVSTINVS] PP AVG'

Rev: Large 'I' , Cross above, 'ANNO' to the left and 'I' to the right 'NI[K]' in ex.

SB 370a, DO -, BMC -

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