Item #1914 Pahlavi (Iran Dynasty) Mohammad Reza Shah (SH 1320-1357) silver medal September 1344SH (1965) commutative medal for 25 years of his reign! Tehran mint


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Reign: Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi SH 1320-1957 (AD 1941-1979)

Denomination: silver commemorative medal

Date Struck: Shahrivar 1344 SH (September 1965)

Mint: Tehran, Iran

Reverse: the Farsi legend reads: " for 25th anniversary of the reign of his majesty, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Iran" the date at the bottom. The Pahlavi crown on the top center with wreath around the legend.

Obverse: head of Shah looking left at the center.

Weight: 21.62 gr. Diameter: 37 mm.

Reference: struck on 5 rials flan KM-1131  Grade: Very-fine with dents around the rim.

Comments: The last Shah of Iran who left the country in the late 1978, died and buried in Cairo, Egypt. This medal was made on the occasion of starting of 25th years of his reign in 16th September 1965.

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