Maximianus, 286-305 AD, pre-reform antoninianus, full silvered


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Obverse:  IMP C MAXIMIANVS P AVG helmeted and cuirassed bust right

Reverse:  VIRTVTI AVGG Hercules standing wrestling a Nemean lion

Sear 3625

The first labor for Hercules was to clear the Nemean plain of the enormous and ferious beast known as the Nemean lion.   This amazing creature was the son of the monster Typhon and a brother of the Theban Sphinx.  It was nursed by the goddess Hera.

Having such god-like lineage the lion was impervioius to Hercules weapons and in the ensuing battle Hercules abandoned his weapons and slew the lion by strangling it.   Even dead the body of the lion was impervious and so Hercules used its' own claws to remove the hide.  Knowing the strength of the trophy, Hercules draped it over himself as a protective cloak.

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